Research & Innovation

Leedarson IoT Technology possesses strong innovation and R&D capabilities and leverage it to drive our continuous development for success. With R&D centers located in Xiamen, Shenzhen, etc. , as well as one design center in Taiwan. LEEDARSON owns a global team includes a lot scientists and engineers holding doctorate and master degrees, as well as well-seasoned engineers and experts to serve our customers worldwide.

LEEDARSON is also a National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise. As of December 2019, the company had received over 1,600 authorized patents. LEEDARSON is also recognized as a “National Certified Enterprise Technology Center”, the “National Industrial Design Center”, the “China Light Industry Key Laboratory”, the “Provincial Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center”, the “Fujian Province Academician Expert Workstation”, and the “Fujian Province Key Laboratory”.

Innovative Concept

Requirements/Productibility, are the innovation guiding principles of LEEDARSON R&D Team

Actively participate in important international technical standards organizations to master the dynamic changes in science and technology development;

Cooperate with the world’s famous enterprises to master the rules and timing of market development;

Observe the regional user scenarios and needs to explore new business opportunities of product innovation iterations;

Closely connect to the powerful supply chain and efficient production system to provide the most competitive products.

R&D System

3-tier R&D system featured in focus on future science and technology, and vertical integration.

Hardware and software R&D teams distributed in Xiamen, Shenzhen.

Global Consulting Team USA, UK, JP, DE.

Industrial Design Center in Xiamen and Taiwan.